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Jamaica, NY 11418
Phone: (718)206-8216

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Forms and Disclosures Loan Rates Savings Rates Certificate Rates Service Fees

Effective as of: 02/05/2018
Share Secured: 4.00%
Personal Loans
As of 9/2/2014, there will be a $15 loan application fee charged. Also, $15 will be charged for any cosigners submitted
If your credit score is*:Your loan rate (APR) will be:
750 and over7.00%
Between 725 and 7499.00%
Between 700 and 72410.00%
Between 675 and 69913.00%
Between 650 and 67414.00%
Below 65015.00%
*we use Trans Union for all our credit reporting needs
New Automobile Loans
If your credit score is*:Your loan rate (APR) will be:
725 and over1.90%
Between 700 - 7242.90%
Between 675 - 6994.90%
Between 650 and 6745.90%
Between 625 and 6497.00%
Between 600 - 62411.50%
Below 60015.00%
*we use Trans Union for all our credit reporting needs
Used Automobile Loans
If your credit score is*:Your loan rate (APR) will be:
680 and over5.50%
Between 650 and 6797.90%
Between 625 and 6499.90%
Below 62513.90%
*we use Trans Union for all our credit reporting needs
18% - please call for loan terms and conditions before applying

Our History

Medisys EFCU was chartered in...


Main Branch:
    Jamaica Hospital

Branch locations:     Flushing Hospital

What's New

2019 Holiday Hours - Please read!

Please note the upcoming changes to our normal schedule, and PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY:


Wednesday, November 27th:  Staff meeting cancelled.  Flushing branch open 9am - 2:30pm; Jamaica branch open 9am - 4:30pm.

Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th:  All branches CLOSED

Please note: On Friday, 11/29/19, electronic transactions, including Direct Deposit and Share Draft (Checking) clearing, will process as they normally do. 



Wednesday, December 25th:  All branches CLOSED.



Wednesday, January 1, 2020:  All branches CLOSED.

9/3/2019: Counterfeit Check Scam

If you are NOT a member of Medisys EFCU and have received a business check in the mail that appears to have been issued by us (Medisys Employees FCU, 8900 Van Wyck Expressway, Jamaica, NY 11418) chances are high that this is a fraudulent / counterfeit check.  Please do not deposit or try to cash these checks without calling us to confirm its legitimacy.  Our telephone number is 718-206-8216, and you can call us Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm.


Are You in the Market for a New Car? Get PRE-APPROVED for an Auto Loan!

We now offer auto loan pre-approvals for members looking to purchase a new or used auto from a new car dealer.  Why should you consider getting pre-approved?

 * The loan paperwork will be almost completely finished before you even start shopping.

*  You will improve your negotiating power by having your financing already set up.

*  You will know your maximum loan amount so that you don’t get yourself into a loan that you really cannot afford.

*  You will know what your bi-weekly payment will be before committing to buying a car.

Buying a new car is fun and exciting, but at the same time it can be stressful.  We want to help you feel more comfortable and confident when you walk into the car dealer and we believe that getting pre-approved is a big step in that direction.


Please speak with anyone on staff for more details, and to learn about rates and terms and conditions.

2019 Early Closing schedule - Please Read!

We will be closing promptly at 3:45pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month for staff meetings.

In 2019, the dates will be:

October 23

November 27  - Cancelled - we will be open until 4:30pm    

December 18th* 

(*3rd Wed of the month due to Christmas holiday)


Please plan accordingly for these early closing times!

Visa Purchase Alerts

Medisys EFCU Visa Debit Card holders can now enroll their card in Visa Purchase Alerts in order to closely monitor their transaction activity.  When you sign up to receive Purchase Alerts, you will set up parameters and then receive an email and/or a text message when a qualifying transaction takes place. Purchase Alerts help you keep better track of your money and identify fraudulent transactions more quickly.  Triggers can include: dollar amount, international transactions, or card-absent transactions.  Sign up at Visa.com/PurchaseAlerts and start receiving alerts today!

Blocks on Certain Countries for Debit Card Transactions *updated February 2018*

Due to high levels of fraud that have been reported internationally and in an effort to protect our members' accounts, we have blocked transactions originating from certain countries. The list of blocked countries is growing quickly, so please assume that the country you will be traveling to is blocked.  If you will be traveling internationally and would like to use your card, please let us know so we may assist you.

SonyPlaystation and GoogleMarketplace Blocked from all debit cards
Due to increasing losses associated with these two vendors, we have blocked them from all debit cards. If you have your Medisys EFCU debit card number stored with either of these vendors, you will need to use a different credit or debit card to continue using their services. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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