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Jamaica, NY 11418
Phone: (718)206-8216

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Loan Rates Savings Rates Certificate Rates Service Fees

Effective as of: 08/13/2014
Transfer of funds to cover overdrafts$ 5.00
Dormant Account Fee$ 5.00 per month, after 12 months of inactivity
Replacement Debit Card$10.00
Loan Application Fee (as of 9/2/14)$15.00 (except Share Secured)
Loan Cosigner Application Fee (as of 9/2/14)$15.00 for any cosigner submitted
Holiday Skip-A-Pay Loan Application Fee (offered 10/3/16 - 11/16/16)$20.00
Account Research or Reconciliation Fee$50.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)
Returned Share Draft or ACH item$25.00
Copy of Share Draft or Teller Check$ 3.00
Returned Deposit Item$25.00
Copy of Statement (not eStatement)$ 3.00
Unscheduled Club Withdrawal$15.00
Stop Payment (Teller Check)$20.00
Stop Payment (Member Share Draft)$15.00
Wire Transfer
wiring instructions can be found on the "Services" page
Debit Card Limits(per day)
10 transactions max, to a limit of:
$520 in cash withdrawals(including ATM fees)
$2,000 total Visa purchases
Box of checks for Share Draft (checking) accountapprox. $20.00 each box

Our History

Medisys EFCU was chartered in...


Main Branch:
    Jamaica Hospital

Branch locations:     Flushing Hospital

What's New

Flushing branch office closed for Summer: 6/16/17 - 9/14/17

The Flushing Hospital branch office will be closed for the Summer of 2017.  We will continue to be open on Thursdays up through and including June 15th and then will be closed.  We plan to reopen the office on Thursday, September 14th at 9:00am.


As always, our Jamaica Hospital office can accommodate all members from Monday through Friday (with late hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  Also, Virtual Branch, our online banking system, is available 24 hours a day via our website: www.MedisysEFCU.org.  If you have not enrolled already, please do so by clicking "Enter Here" on our home page and then following the prompts.


We apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward to reopening the office in September.

Visa Purchase Alerts

Medisys EFCU Visa Debit Card holders can now enroll their card in Visa Purchase Alerts in order to closely monitor their transaction activity.  When you sign up to receive Purchase Alerts, you will set up parameters and then receive an email and/or a text message when a qualifying transaction takes place. Purchase Alerts help you keep better track of your money and identify fraudulent transactions more quickly.  Triggers can include: dollar amount, international transactions, or card-absent transactions.  Sign up at Visa.com/PurchaseAlerts and start receiving alerts today!

Blocks on Certain Countries for Debit Card Transactions *updated February 2017*

Due to high levels of fraud that have been reported internationally and in an effort to protect our members' accounts, we have blocked transactions originating from certain countries. The list of blocked countries is growing quickly, so please assume that the country you will be traveling to is blocked.  If you will be traveling internationally and would like to use your card, please let us know so we may assist you.

SonyPlaystation and GoogleMarketplace Blocked from all debit cards
Due to increasing losses associated with these two vendors, we have blocked them from all debit cards. If you have your Medisys EFCU debit card number stored with either of these vendors, you will need to use a different credit or debit card to continue using their services. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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